2015 State of Employee Engagement in South Africa Survey Report.

. . . Points to an increasing disconnect between company management and staff.

  • Report Features
  • Key Findings from 1100+ respondents,
    survey hosted on Fin24.
  • Management VS Staff respondent data split,
    highlighting major differences of perception.
  • Workplace Cohesion analysis,
    how SA companies drive change and innovation.
  • Impact of Poor Engagement on productivity,
    staff retention and company turnover.

Industry Leaders on Employee Engagement

“A strong company culture and DNA is probably the most valuable asset overlooked by traditional accounting methods. It pays dividends that are incalculable and sets the tone for any organisation.”

– Vinny Lingham

“Success in business is all about people, people, people. Whatever industry a company is in, its employees are its biggest competitive advantage.”

– Richard Branson

Gallup Research:

Companies with a highly engaged workforce
outperform their peers by 147% in earnings per share.

Advantages include:


PDTs survey statistics show that company executives and staff are not singing from the same hymn sheet.

Key challenges faced by organisations today include:

  • Leadership quality is one of the biggest obstacles to progress
  • A 21st century workforce that is different, requiring new methods of engagement and retention
  • HR that is falling behind in structure, skills, analytics and technology
  • Employees are overwhelmed by data
  • Skills gaps and need for next-generation learning

At the heart of this disconnect between company leadership and their employees are the old, dated and largely ineffective methods of communication that companies use to engage with a 21st century workforce.

The 2015 State of Employee Engagement in RSA Report puts a spotlight on this, and other reasons behind our (largely unmotivated) labour force.

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About PDT and its Corporate
Communications Suite
– TV Republic (TVR).

Public Display Technologies (PDT) is a South African technology and communications company, focusing on the delivery of full-service business solutions to the Corporate, Retail, Mining and Industrial industries.

Founded in 2003, PDT was originally focused solely on digital display technologies and their application in verticals such as Corporate and Retail, as well as the Mining and Industrial sectors.

Since then, PDT has evolved into a diverse communications company that specialises in a variety of technologies, from Interactive “Self-Service” Kiosks, Digital Retail and Outdoor LED solutions to a full suite of cutting-edge hardware and software products that allow companies to create (and operate) their own communications network . . . also known as TV Republic (TVR®).

With TVR® you can create, distribute and monitor content efficacy in a simple and effective way – allowing you to engage with your staff on any device, anywhere in the world, within minutes. Developed by PDT to address a global engagement problem, the purpose of TVR® is to deliver clear and contextually accurate engagement to a 21st century workforce.

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