3 reasons retailers should switch from print to Digital Signage

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The way retailers communicate is changing. Print ads are no longer the flashy, new guy in town. In fact, making the switch from print to digital signage is increasing every day as more and more companies realise the power and impact HD digital signage has on their branding message.

And it’s not just the Out-of-Home industry that has been affected. The switch from print to digital displays can be seen in retail markets with digital, interactive point-of-purchase displays, higher education facilities in the form of video walls and corporations where digital signage plays an important role in branding and messaging.

Digital signage does one thing very well, and that is it engages your audience. And ultimately, in advertising and marketing, a solid branding message is what everyone is after. So what are the three reasons retailers should switch from print to digital?

  1. Increased Savings

The cost of digital signage is a bit different from print costs. With digital signage, you have a higher cost up front, but a better ROI in the long run. Really the only costs with digital signage are the one-off installation costs, some minor support and maintenance costs, and the cost of having an in-house designer who can push and schedule content, which you probably already have if you are designing print ads.

  1. Real-Time Updates

Imagine a world of print ads where you had to schedule having posters shipped all over the country to your retail locations for your campaigns. Not anymore! With the click of one button, you can now send digital content to displays all across the country or the world that reside on your network. Or you can send specific information to specific displays based upon the time of day, the demographic standing in front of the display or branded to a specific group. Or all three within a matter of hours.

  1. Truly Engaging Content

When was the last time you physically engaged with a print ad? Yeah, we thought so. And that is why digital signage is becoming so popular. Look around you, everyone is already using digital displays of some sort, whether it’s their TVs, computers or smartphones, people are touching and engaging with digital screens every day.

So it’s no wonder that digital signage is becoming so popular. Universities are using interactive displays to show students and potential students what is going on in and around campus as well as how to find their classrooms or other facilities. Students can stop and use wayfinding on interactive maps to get a good idea of where to go. And they do all of this by touching the screen, just like they do on their smartphones. The transition of our culture from print to digital ads is almost seamlessly built in.

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