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Create an app that grabs the attention of shoppers, showcases exciting HP products and give them an experience that embodies the HP Store brand.


We knew that HP makes some of the best technology products in the world – so we decided to simply let the products sell themselves.

As part of the HP Store gesture app we built a photo booth that allows shoppers to take pictures of themselves, add a filter, and print it out in-store using an HP printer. This let shoppers experience HP products first hand and see just how great they are. If they wanted to, shoppers could also post their photo to HP Store’s Facebook page and tag themselves and their friends.

We wanted to introduce a whole new audience to the world of HP so we created a carousel which displays the latest HP deals. As new products and deals became available the carousel could be updated remotely. Finally, as a way to reward customers for engaging with Admo we created a simple but compelling competition. Shoppers could scan a QR code on the app which would open up a mobi site on their phone. Once there all they had to do was enter their details to win!


The HP Store has been teeming with life throughout the campaign. There are thousands of people who have stopped outside HP Store to hold their loved ones and take photos. Hundreds have gone in store to claim their photos and many more have been exposed to everything that HP Store has to offer.


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