Airport Digital Signage: The Best Ways To Use It & Why

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These are all common airport problems that can often make people dread the thought of flying altogether. As a traveler, you’ve experienced and understand these issues—as an airport manager, you’re trying to improve them. Luckily, there’s an easy solution: digital airport signage.

Here are four key ways digital signage can enhance your airport’s traveling experience and one big reason to jump on board.

1. They Provide Wayfinding

With digital signage, flyers can find maps of the airport (both inside and out), specific directions to their gate number, and the location of restaurants and other airport facilities. A great benefit to digital signage is that viewers can request that this information be sent straight to their mobile device via QR codes or designated text numbers. So even when they’re no longer looking at your signage, they can take their directions with them.

By providing wayfinding on digital signs, travelers will rely less on asking airport workers for directions, which saves employees’ time and lets them focus on other important tasks—an added bonus.

2. They Keep Travelers Up To Date 

Live airport screens can display arrivals, departures, airlines, flight numbers, cities, flight statuses, gate numbers, and more. You can also simultaneously show news and weather updates for both the airport’s location and travellers’ future destinations, so they know what to expect upon arrival. All of these updates are controlled remotely by you, so every screen can be updated online at one time.

3. They Entertain

Wait times in airports are inevitable. During this downtime, digital signage can entertain travellers by showing live TV, video, social media, and more.

It’s likely that flyers these days come equipped with mobile devices to keep them occupied, and digital signs can actually incorporate the use of these devices for an interactive experience.

4. They Broadcast Emergency Updates

Safety is a top priority in airports—this means it’s essential to have emergency protocols and evacuation plans in place should a threatening situation arise. Emergency information can be displayed on all digital signs throughout an airport with the click of a button, so travellers can quickly be informed of what to do and where to go.

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