Operation Base Camp 2015

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PDT’s vision is to be the leaders in the distribution and management of information technology, while striving to exceed the expectations of our customers, staff and investors.

To formalise this commitment, we intend listing the company on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange by the year 2020.  It may seem like an exceptional feat, but we’re just like that; a couple of driven entrepreneurs who believe we can change the world through our actions, one day at a time.  Listing on the JSE gives us the opportunity to grow our business, as well as offer opportunities to our loyal staff to invest into our vision.

Everyone needs to start off with a plan and a platform; It has taken us 10 years of operations to finally find our groove, but we believe we have found the recipe to our own success:

Basecamp 2015 is our commitment to achieving mature financial, HR, sales, research & development, as we as innovation (entrepreneurial) models which will propel us towards our 2020-vision.  Without the necessary structures and teams in place, listing on the JSE by 2020 would be like attempting Everest’s summit by only training at 5km family fun runs.  We all need to be prepared and thoroughly trained to accomplish this mammoth task ahead.

By December 2015, we will be ready to start the trek from Basecamp, and will summit our goal by 2020.

As a symbolic gesture towards this, we will sponsor 4 PDT employees, in 2015, to climb Kilimanjaro, the tallest peak in Africa. And, with our summit firmly in sight, we’ll be sure to put a PDT flag on the actual Everest one day.

As part of this ever-growing team of adventurers and entrepreneurs, we are constantly on the look-out for talented individuals who share our vision in defining the future barriers of technology.  If you feel you meet this description, and would consider being part of our company or student intern programme, please send us your CV (with cover letter) to jobs@pdtsa.co.za

Let’s make technology useful,


Cornel van Lingen
Managing Director


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