Brands and Advertisers want digital signage

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As brands and advertisers across Brazil recognise the inherent shortcomings of traditional media, they are investing in newer marketing vehicles like digital signage. The technology has the ability to reach huge audiences and play engaging and targeted messages to them at the point of sale, transit or wait. Shrinking attention spans and erosion of customer interest and investments in traditional mass media have also contributed to this trend. Tremendous growth opportunities exist especially for digital signage and digital out-of-home media that can be deployed under multiple business models, including advertising, branding, merchandising, and disseminating information or entertainment to enhance the customer experience.

South Africa is no different. Retailers are faced with the task of ‘keeping with the consumer’s needs’ by creating a store experience that will engage and create some loyalty to the store.

Brazilian Digital Signage Services Market focuses on the media player segment of the market. Media players, traditionally used to ingest and store video, audio, rich media and text assets, now distribute the content to displays according to a pre-defined schedule and list. They can power single or multiple displays, depending on the configuration. While media player software helps serve content to the screens, content management software drives the creation, scheduling and distribution of content to media players.brands and advertisers

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