PDT has been involved in a number of exciting projects; and we are proud to share the details in these Case Studies below!

Essential Retail Digital Signage

Retail digital signage is a powerful tool. Digital displays can be used throughout the store for branding, merchandising, promoting specials, and educating or entertaining customers. Retail customers today want access to products, information, trusted opinions, and deals, regardless of whether they are shopping online, in a store, or both. Retailers now can deliver interactive, immersive…

Digital Communications delivers significant value to Brescia House School Students and Faculty.

Brescia House School identified shortcomings with traditional methods of communication. Announcements were often not heard, traditional notice boards were messy and never updated timeously and emails to students, parents and staff were often not read. TVR® by South African technology and communications company, PDT, delivered a digital solution that was: Compatible with Brescia House School’s…
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ADMO & Flight Centre

BRIEF Create an interactive storefront experience that could be rolled out to Flight Centres across the country. It has to be easy to update and have measurable returns. CONCEPT We created a gesture app that lets shoppers select their budget. After that they could leisurely browse a carousel of travel deals they could afford. Updating...


BRIEF Create an app that grabs the attention of shoppers, showcases exciting HP products and give them an experience that embodies the HP Store brand. CONCEPT We knew that HP makes some of the best technology products in the world - so we decided to simply let the products sell themselves. As part of the...