Digital Communication: A Top 5 2015 Technology trend

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digital-signageIn your lifetime alone, you have seen many significant changes in technology. From 3D printing to electric cars, the advances in technology are taking what we read about in science-fiction books into our households today. Amongst these changes, Digital communication has been ranked in the top 5 technology trends of 2015.

Digital communications and digital signage allows companies to deliver more information to their customers on a daily basis. In all divisions of any industry, both externally and internally, digital communication is becoming an increasing demand.

Digital communication keeps your business and your customers up to date all the time with Real-time displays. Some of the industries that utilise digital signage include: call centres utilising enquiry managing systems, retail outlets for displaying sales and product information and the mining sector for displaying security information. In public areas they can be used for pricing, time-tabling, transport scheduling, seating and ticket sales management. Find out more about PDT’s digital signage solutions.

In the next year, you should expect digital signage to fully incorporate social media and have other interactive capabilities. “Digital signage will continue to increase in popularity, allowing streamlined, innovative communications.”- (, 2015)

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