Digital Menu boards that make recommendations

January 4, 2016 8:26 am Published by

2016 has already started off with a bang as Fast food giant Mc Donald’s announced their new digital menu boards that will make recommendations based on the weather.

McDonald’s is deploying digital menu boards that will recommend certain menu options based on the weather at locations across USA.

“It can monitor temperature outside and it will know which products sell better at hotter or colder temperatures and promote those products,” McDonald’s US President Mike Andres said.

The boards, which can for instance recommend coffee on cold days or cold drinks on hot ones, also will show moving images of menu items to increase customer engagement and call attention to certain products. The DMBs also will feature automatic day-parting. They’re set to be installed in all U.S. locations by the end of next year.

Per-transaction check amounts increased wherever the new menu boards were tested in Canada, Andres said.

This advancement in technology can lead to:

  • increased sales
  • loyalty to the brand
  • increased general interest in the brand
  • increased engagement in the brand
  • opportunities to advertise for external parties
  • greater awareness of promotional items.

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Looking forward to a great year!


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