Full-service Digital Signage for Retail Environments.

PDT is the leading supplier of enterprise-scale Communication
Solutions in South Africa.

Increase sales through targeted, localised, messaging across multiple sites.

  • 100% Customisable, per location. New content uploaded and distributed in minutes.
  • Content distribution via 3G, ADSL, Fiber and Satellite connection, as required.
  • Network support by full complement of service technicians, located country-wide.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

PDT supplies, installs and maintain a countrywide digital signage network for PEP and PEP Cell.

Over 1,600 screens are currently installed in 600+ stores, with new monitors and locations added to the network on a monthly basis.

PDT also manages the content on PEP’s behalf, pushing over 1.1TB of data over the network per month.

This project has been running since March 2012.

PDT supplies, installs and maintains an extensive software and hardware network

(including self-service touch pads and display screens) for Flight Centre, spanning over 260 devices and 150 stores.

PDT maintains over 99%
network uptime.

This project has been running since 2008.


Creative content services
Leading Display Technology Hardware


Customisable communication platform
with performance monitored in real time.


Tier 1 content distribution.


Robust digital signage platform supported
by a team of specialist engineers and support staff.

8 More Reasons to Talk to PDTs Digital Signage Specialists

  • Multi-national listed customers, average 7 year relationship
  • Professional Project Management
  • Health & Safety focused
  • Average SLA performance at 98%
  • 12 years in operation
  • 2500+ installations covering 8 African countries
  • Supported connectivity via 3G and Satellite
  • Level 1 BBBEE

PDT has the track record, ability, technology and capacity to create and deliver your digital display network on time, in budget and to specification.

PDT and its technology partners bring you cost-effective, reliable, built-for-purpose Digital Signage.

Why are regular TV sets not suitable
for Commercial Display Use?

Digital Signage displays use commercial-grade panels, specifically designed for heavy duty usage. They have a rated life from 17,500 hours and feature technologies designed to mitigate the risk of image retention. They often include cooling fans and extra ventilation to ensure that the screens operate within their optimum temperature window.

Televisions are not designed to be used in commercial environments and, as such, doing so will often invalidate your manufacturer’s warranty.

PDT assesses and executes your Digital Signage requirements using a diverse range of fit-for-purpose display monitors, allowing both individual store owners, or company HQ, to easily adapt display messaging on all (or specific) devices.

PDT recommends Samsung professional displays and other bespoke technologies to create custom solutions for your business, supported by benchmark-setting SLAs and technical teams located around the country.

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