Digital Signage to Motorist’s Rescue

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How many times have you had to swerve into the other lane to see if there are any cars coming so you can overtake aTruck digital signage truck? Trucks are so large that it sometimes the view of both lanes in front of you is obstructed and that could cause accidents if you overtake at the wrong time.

Digital signage is taking a turn for the safety lane in an innovative new concept that would see semi-trucks providing a heads-up on oncoming traffic to following drivers.

Road safety is a massive issue across the world and should be a major concern for all world governments. Far too many people are dying out there. In countries like Argentina, it’s said that a person dies every hour on the roads. And that can’t be allowed to continue. Most accidents that happen are caused because there aren’t enough large highway or freeway-style roads. Something needs to be done.

Technology gurus Samsung recognise this issue and have come up with an idea to increase road safety using their own technology. They’ve mounted wireless cameras to the front of their trucks and four large monitors to the backs. This allows drivers behind to see what’s coming up on the road ahead, when his vision would otherwise be obscured. Display technology from Samsung recently was used in a prototype “Safety Truck” aimed at preventing traffic accidents and fatalities from drivers trying to overtake and pass semi tractor-trailers.

The Samsung Safety Truck appears to be the realisation of the Transparentius concept first put forward by the Russian design house Art. Lebedev Studio in 2009.

The Safety Truck project has been generating buzz since Samsung posted about it, and you can watch the video about the truck.

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