Digital Signage to Transform Retail Environment

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In today’s highly competitive business environment and with ad avoidance on the rise, marketers are being challenged to be more creative and adopt a more compelling approach to communicating their messages to their audience.

As such, the marketing mix is broadening to include digital signage as a tool to engage audiences when it matters the most when they are making purchasing decisions.

What is Digital Signage

Digital signage is an electronic form of signage that allows for animated visual content and messages to be dynamically changed as required. As a result, it can be a highly effective tool to deliver targeted messages to the right audience at the right time at the right place in an effort to drive awareness, educate the audience and increase sales revenues and communication effectiveness.

While various research studies have proven the effectiveness of this tool, South Africa is lagging behind the rest of the world in digital signage usage.

At the onset of digital signage in the mid-90s, South Africa set the stage for the global industry. In the early 2000s the flood gates opened and the local industry kicked off to a healthy start. Since then, the global industry has taken the lead in digital signage, embracing this medium and exploring new possibilities to deliver on the real benefits it has to offer business.

With digital signage, it’s not a case of if people see the signage, it is more attractive than static signage.

Reaching the target audience while they are making their purchasing decisions is a powerful tool that is further enhanced when you are reaching them with the right message. Content displayed on digital displays should be carefully crafted to provide additional product information that wasn’t covered in other marketing initiatives, drive product recall and remind the audience that they wanted your product and why.

Spending a lot on a network for all your retail stores is a great idea but it needs to be backed up with a content strategy that is managed by a service provider with the right experience. If you have all the cards in place, reaching the right audience will not be a problem.

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