Digital Signage Uses: A 2016 Refresh

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So 2016 is finally here and to refresh your mind and your organisational goals, we have listed the best uses for Digital Signage. Where you are missing out, we’re here to fill in the gaps. Today’s consumers expect to see technology being used to improve their in-store experience, and digital signage does just that.

We already know that digital signage is best used to attract attention and increase engagement levels. We also know that digital signage can give your organization the flexibility to deploying important communications within seconds. It has a huge influence on purchase decisions and has drastically decreased printing costs.

Brand messaging/marketing

Digital signage is often used as a tool for displaying important brand messages or raising brand awareness. High definition graphics and quality imagery can be used to attract the eyes of in-store customers.

Fashion retailers often use digital signage to display a catalogue of images for in-store inspiration and to aid the decision-making process.

Product information and assisted selling

Digital signage can be used to leverage upsells and impulse purchases at point of sale by displaying important marketing messages associated with a specific product or service.

Third-party advertising

Fashion outlets can use digital signage to promote third-party advertisements and products. We see the potential for a brokerage style system where brands can bid for advertising space, which will increase ROI on the adoption of digital signage.

Digital menu boards

Quick-service restaurants and eateries benefit from the flexibility of being able to change signage content with ease, and alternate price points in different locations can be easily addressed.

Digital signage allows businesses to better influence customer engagement, by using digital menu boards to do all the upselling and cross selling for them.

Safety and Emergency

In a working environment prone to employee injuries, digital signage is a great tool to announcing injuries to staff and other personnel. When your employee’s safety is at risk, it is smart to employ a system where uploading information can be done in minutes.

Now that we have refreshed your mind, let 2016 not pass without you capitalizing on a reliable, cost-effective digital signage package with a professional service provider.

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