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Although print communications have proven their worth in the past, digital signage is progressively taking over. And as the world around us rapidly embraces digital technology, so too must the retail brick-and-mortar space. This article will explore how digital advertising could benefit your retail brand and why you should consider making the transition from print.

Digital signage uses the power of technology and good content to advertise products, or anything else for that matter. Digital signage gives more freedom and flexibility to retailers, while seamlessly enhancing consumer engagement with your brand. Printed communications have evolved for years, and today digital signage is a part of the evolution.

Higher cost savings

Digital signage may incur more expense initially compared with printed materials; however it will present long-term savings. Printed in-store POS material requires time and money for design, admin, printing, distribution and setup. Digital signage requires a one-off cost and installation, with minor ongoing costs for support and maintenance.

Real-time updates

With the ability for digital signage to be seamlessly updated with new content anytime at the press of a button, the savings continue to mount. After all, it all comes back to the old adage, “Time is Money.” In just a few clicks new content can be displayed on your digital signage in-store, across one or multiple locations around the country or throughout the world. This means you can instantly update your campaign materials effortlessly, tailored to whatever time, day or date you wish, whenever you want, ad hoc or on a predetermined schedule.

Truly engaging content

With good digital signage content, you can guarantee enhanced engagement with your brand, which in turn can lead to increased sales. Digital signage is capable of handling multiple messages at once. With dynamic content and motion graphics, you can display content to a particular audience when appropriate, and numerous ideas can be communicated together without becoming lost or overcrowded. This is something that often makes printed material confusing to understand and generally overloaded in style. Good content enhances engagement, by informing, educating, entertaining or inspiring your audience.

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