Education Sector could benefit from Digital Signage

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Most of us reading this are from an age where digital technology at school meant going to the computers class and learning how to operate the internet. Today, the so called “millennials” probably receive most of their news and entertainment information from digital screens. Schools are slowly adapting Apple iPads into students’ stationery packs. So if schools were to implement digital signage on school grounds, what value would they be?

  1. The Bulletin Boardbulletin board

If you think back to your school bulletin, I’m sure you can remember how cluttered it was with outdated, unapproved and boring posts. On a windy day, the corridors look like a book exploded because the flyers detached from the bulletin boards. Also, not all the space was correctly utilised and let’s not mention the amount of paper it took to print the flyers. Digital Signage can free up space and remove ads it does not want on there. One person can moderate the ads and upload them to all the screens from one location.

  1. Emergency Alerts

In addition to sending out emails, digital signage can be used to display pertinent, time-sensitive information to ensure that it reaches as many students as possible. Standard messages can be kept on file to be uploaded when needed, or new messages can be created on the fly to address any unexpected situations that arise.

  1. Where else?cafeteria

Cafeteria:  to display food specials and announcements

Library: to display general announcements and emergency information

Registrar’s office: for general information or time-sensitive announcements

Student centre: to display weather reports, tuition payment deadlines and bookstore specials.


The possibilities are endless with digital signage and it’s open for the education sector to explore. If you want to learn more about Digital Signage in Schools, please contact us.

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