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67% of South African Employees want their Managers to lead and communicate better.

Employee EngagementOne of the most starting statistics from PDT’s “2014 State of Employee Engagement Survey” is the number of employees who do not feel sufficiently engaged or inspired by their direct line managers.

“This points to massive (perceived) leadership failings within South African businesses and organisations,” says PDT CEO, Cornel van Lingen.  “The fact is that only ONE out of 3 respondents indicated that their manager is an inspiration – leading by example and communicating goals clearly.

Considering that our 1,032 survey participants are mostly employed in mid to large businesses and enterprises, this is an alarming statistic that speaks to a lack of clear leadership from executives and managers to their respective teams.”

Startling Statistics

  • 66% of respondents feel their managers could do more to inspire teams.
  • Only 38% of respondents receive regular feedback on company performance versus goals
  • 60% of respondents have reasons to distrust the data that is shared with them.

“Engagement has to be a leadership-driven initiative from boardroom-level, through management structures to each and every employee,” says van Lingen. “Nothing affects an employee’s engagement as much as his or her direct manager. Engaged leaders cultivate an environment of trust, open communication, teamwork and loyalty – motivating employees to perform to the best of their ability.”

Statistically speaking it does seem that the majority of South African companies are failing their employees in this regard.

Management’s Tools and Approach to Communication are outdated.

Internal communications tend to be unfocussed, non-personal and no longer effective in getting the right message to the right employees, in the right context.

From company newsletters and notice boards, to emails, intranet and physical meetings there are issues that cloud the efficacy of its ability to deliver key messages to staff.

“New, innovative, solutions are required in order to more effectively reach and communicate with staff,” says van Lingen. “Incorporating video and other interactive communication technology solutions remove barriers from existing communication procedures – allowing for workplace discussions that are contextually accurate, productive and involved.

PDTs 2014 State of Employee Engagement Report will be released end-June 2014.

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