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Start your own Television Network with TVR’s “Enterprise TV” Digital Communications Solution.

TVR Video InboxYour own private communication network allows you to reach all staff at the same time, with the same message, in the right context.
With Enterprise TV you can engage with employees, directly involving them with the daily operations, challenges and achievements of your company.
A study by Engage for Success measured the impact of positive employee engagement on UK companies’ operations – this is what they found.
• 2X profit – Companies with engagement scores in the top 25% post twice the annual net profit than those in the bottom quarter.
• 2.5X Revenue Growth – Organisations in the top 25% achieve revenue growth 2.5 X greater than those in the bottom quarter.
• 40% lower staff turnover – at companies with high levels of employee engagement.
• 62% more accidents –at companies with low levels of employee engagement.
• 18% increase in productivity – from organisations with high levels of employee engagement.
• 59% innovation upswing – from engaged employees.
Enterprise TV is easy to use, simple to manage and quick to update.

Reach your audience on multiple devices – wherever they are. TVR was developed from the ground up to be efficient and secure across any platform, supporting the most widely used file formats including HD Video, audio, animation and images
Content Creation – drag-and-drop is all you need. TVR offers pure simplicity, allowing you to update content in a mere 60 seconds. This provides the ability to respond, in real time, to any events, news or other happenings in the workplace.
A Central Station Manager – total control from one location. TVR works equally well (and secure) on premise and in the cloud, enabling you create, compile and post messages in an instant. Powerful Analytics and Metrics allow you to report on message penetration, device status and more.
TVR is Corporate Communications. Simplified – contact PDT to find out more.
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