Essential Retail Digital Signage

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Retail digital signage is a powerful tool. Digital displays can be used throughout the store for branding, merchandising, promoting specials, and educating or entertaining customers. Retail customers today want access to products, information, trusted opinions, and deals, regardless of whether they are shopping online, in a store, or both. Retailers now can deliver interactive, immersive cross-channel shopping experiences that give their customers the convenience of online shopping in the store.

Retail shoppers today are sophisticated and technology-savvy. With continuous access to the Internet, the proliferation of mobile devices, and rapid adoption of social media, consumer shopping patterns have changed dramatically. Consumers increasingly depend on online content to find information, get deals, discover new ideas, and become inspired before making a purchase. Some shoppers prefer to gather information online before visiting a store. Others prefer to shop and purchase online. Still others prefer to see what is new in a store and then find the best deal online.

Digital signage can lead to tremendous sales lift for retail locations, because targeted content keeps customers engaged while creating a call to action. Content is customized based on customer demographics and other factors. The company said its turnkey packages are designed for ease of set up and use, and its digital players are plug-and-play ready.

Combining Virtual Content with Physical Experience.

As you seek to attract and keep customers within your brand experience, look for ways to bring the virtual experience into the store and provide a seamless experience across multiple channels and devices. Digital signage can help you create the “endless aisle,” offering your complete online product catalog in the store and making it easily accessible to customers. Interactive displays can deliver product information, social recommendations, and even access to a live expert on demand. You can tailor content to customer demographics, time of day, day of week, geographical location, or other attributes. Customers can engage using any device and receive content that is personalized to their needs.

PDT’s range of retail solutions are geared to ensure that you have the best possible technology for your store. Contact PDT for all your retail solutions. or 0861 123 738.


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