Five Tips for Maximising Digital Signage

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From convention centres to other large venues, projectors are increasingly being deployed for digital signage applications. Industry estimates suggest projectors are now used in about 25 percent of all digital signage applications.
Be it for projection mapping, high ambient light applications, off-angles or weird surfaces or structures, projectors allow for easier installations and achievement of objectives.

In many cases, storefront windows are subject to high ambient light preventing large format displays from being effective as signage. Projectors provide a brighter image and can enhance the overall window experience. An installation using projection can rear project onto a film appended to a window. This film can be any size or shape and overcome ambient light issues. Further, the use of touch foil over the window enables an interactive canvas. Projectors give designers and installers capabilities and flexibility not always available with digital screens.

Five Tips to Maximise Digital Signage Projects

1.      Make sure content is set to the right format

2.     Select the right screen for the job and application

3.     Make sure that the projectors are set correctly for the space they are projecting onto

4.     Leverage the right type of projector for the application

5.     Consider projectors with option slots for easy PC integration to minimise installation costs

Digital Displays and Projectors

For digital signage that requires extended use, be sure to have the right technology and the right solution for the application. It’s important to remember that displays aren’t the answer to digital signage 100 percent of the time; and projectors aren’t either. But projectors and displays together, or individually for certain applications, can solve your digital signage challenges 100 percent of the time. The key is the right solution for the right application.

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