How to increase sales by 80% with Retail Digital Signage

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A popular solution to deliver messages to customers interacting in a physical environment is Digital Signage. Digital signage is used in department stores, schools, libraries, office buildings, medical facilities, airports, train and bus stations, banks, auto dealerships and other public venues.

Typical Digital Signage systems focus on delivering messages to lots of customers in lots of premises. These are horizontal systems allowing an organisation to centrally control screens in multiple premises allowing a message, or multiple sequential messages, to be delivered in each premise under central control.

By looking at digital signage from a Customer Journey perspective it is easy to understand that the customer can typically encounter a number of screens each of which will try and talk to them. They will also encounter signs and other messaging “surfaces”. These surfaces include dedicated Digital Signage displays but also interactive kiosk-like units to take details of their visit and displays or signs used to guide them.

Treating these surfaces as not different things, with no association, but as similar coordinated surfaces can potentially revolutionise both how messages are conveyed and the efficiency and effectiveness of the Customer Journey.

Having lots of messaging surfaces working separately within each branch makes no sense. So while traditional Digital Signage companies focus on the horizontal challenge of delivering a message to multiple branches the real opportunity being missed is to deliver one coordinated message split into phrases and delivered across many surfaces within one branch. This is where the term “Vertical Messaging” for using the many surfaces in one branch within the same customer journey to build up a complete message is relevant.

In Vertical Messaging the larger important message is split into parts or phrases and those parts are conveyed in steps to the customer. The customer is allowed room to assimilate the different phrases before moving on to the next one.

This truly values the time the customer spends on the premises making best use of the whole visit.

So all you need to do is get your digital signage network hooked onto PDT’s no license and software fees network and upload customer-grabbing content that is sure to increase sales and create brand loyalty.

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