Leadership Behaviours Needed to Boost Employee Engagement

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A good leader values employee happiness. A great leader values the employee engagement that results from that happiness. That is what employee engagement is: the degree to which an employee’s feelings about their job (and boss) influences their willingness to learn and perform at work.

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Leaders set the tone for engagement in the workplace. These leadership behaviours can lead to a highly engaged workforce:

  • Give employees something to reach for.

Engagement starts with having something to work toward. An employee who doesn’t have clear work goals will have a difficult time engaging in their daily tasks. Goals drive us, and without them, we’d be hard pressed to get anything done.

  • Embody the company vision.

A company’s vision statement does more than just inform — save that for the mission statement. A vision statement should inspire, motivate and align employees toward a common goal. It should outline where the company is going — in both the near and distant future — and how it’s going to get there.

  • Get involved in the company culture.

A company that plays together, stays together. And a leader that’s present and sets aside time to get involved with various company culture activities is a leader that inspires and engages employees.

  • Use transparency to inspire.

Employees need to see and understand what’s happening within their organization to be able to tailor their individual work goals accordingly. Do they know and understand company-wide goals? Do they know how well (or not well) the company is doing? Do they realize the challenges and opportunities that the company faces? They should.

Employees look to leadership for guidance during difficult times, which is why staying positive and optimistic — even when the company’s leadership feels anything but — is essential to keeping morale and engagement levels up. After all, employees are only as engaged as their leadership team.

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