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Pentravel is one of the leading travel agencies in South Africa. The story of Pentravel has not been such a happy one but with the launch of the Sunshine stores in Woodlands and Watercrest, they have used modern technology and new ideas to engage customers in exciting ways.pentravel

The company has experienced growth of 734% over the past five years, up from a R2.7 million loss in 2009 to a R20 million profit PBIT in 2014. This is despite prevailing industry challenges and tough trading conditions experienced since the recession.

This is where PDT has played a huge role. Pentravel purchased a multiple screens from PDT which has allowed them to create the ultimate video experience with video walls. “We don’t sell holidays, we sell happiness. In other words we go above and beyond to create extraordinary customer experiences that leave a long-lasting impression. In so doing, we connect with all of our customers and make them feel special by sharing in the excitement of their holiday.” Says Pentravel CEO, Sean Hough.

“Our consultants have a passion for travel and must have extensive international travel experience when they join us. We then invest in their ongoing education by sending them to exciting places like Machu Picchu, The Great Wall of China and the Galapagos Islands. This is wonderful for their personal adventures, while our customers enjoy the depth of experience that these once-in-a-lifetime trips afford and is why we retain our competitive position in the leisure travel industry.”- Hough

For Pentravel, it is all about Cultivating relationships. Each and every customer experience should be one that’s remembered. With just over one quarter of the sales coming from walk-ins, the customer needs to be blown away with the interactive consulting desks.

“We’re making people’s lives better – both our staff and customers – and this is what will continue to sustain us as a business long into the future”. – Hough.

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