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Mall Of Africa, the biggest retail space in Africa opened its doors a couple of weeks ago. PDT was part of this installation. Thanks to the Foschini Group, Markham was the store where we installed some of the greatest the digital world has to offer.

When looking at the retail experience, The Foschini group saw that customers want to spend less time in a store but they also want to know exactly what the store has to offer.

This installation, at one of the country’s largest Markham stores, was approached in three phases:

  1. External: From walking past the Markham Store, you’re greeted by a giant LED screen displaying some of the latest news from head office straight to the public. This screen will definitely catch your attention and get you curious to what else the store has to offer.
  2. Dressing: In-store, while there are some great static posts, nothing else will grab your attention like the two digital screens placed at each of the dressing room entrances. Before you decide to put on your clothing, these screens remind you that those chinos you just picked would look great with the shirt that you missed while looking around. That is another level of assisted selling that some sales staff might not pick up on.
  3. Point-Of-Sale: At the point of sale are two more amazing screens that have a little more entertainment, if you’re waiting in line, or a couple of other specials, to help purchase that complete outfit.

This perfect combination of screens from you entering the store to buying your products was brought to you by the PDT team.

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