Professional Aerial Data Solutions Opens up New Frontiers in Business

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The use of drone technology represents a paradigm shift in the way data is gathered, processed and applied in support of smarter decisions on the ground.

UAVIt is the future of today with early adopters already enjoying significant benefits from the continuous stream of useful information at their fingertips.

“Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) can be used in a wide variety of industries from mining, oil, gas and civil engineering to water, forestry and agriculture (to name but a few)” says Chris Clark, Business Development Director at PDT. “Their use allows companies to collect data quickly, easily and cost effectively, while we take care of compliance with all necessary regulations and legal requirements.”

Accurate Data at a Lower Cost

By using an autonomous fixed-wing UAS (Unmanned Aerial System), PDT can cover areas up to 1,000ha per day, generating high-resolution orthophotos/mosaics, NDVI maps, 3D-point-clouds and complete 3D-reconstructions, allowing companies to perform more accurate data collection, more frequently and at a lower cost.


“We are able to process and deliver data back to our customers within 24-48 hours,” says Clark. “This makes the solution perfect for a wide spectrum of applications, providing various safety and productivity benefits for both mining and non-mining scope of work, including Stockpile Volume Management as well as Open Cut Pit Surveys, plant height and livestock monitoring, city planning, disaster management and much more.”

With UAV offering LiDAR, Thermal, Visual, Hyper and Multi-Spectral sensors, and with licensing imminent in South Africa, PDT is perfectly placed to partner with companies looking for greater data accuracy as they seek to make smarter business decisions.

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