Self-service Kiosks are key to the University Experience

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Digital signage company Intermedia Touch is helping Miami Dade College announce its new Miami Animation and Gaming International Complex to students with informational/wayfinding kiosks, according to a press release.

The kiosks are designed with HD 50-inch interactive monitors to display Intermedia’s informational app, according to the release. One of the kiosks designed for MAGIC will display sample animations, creative projects and information for the new programs the college is offering through MAGIC.

Intermedia Touch also deployed other wayfinding kiosks at the opening. These kiosks have an interactive app that gives details on faculty, staff, archives and upcoming events.polytouch sel service kiosk 2

“MAGIC at MDC Wolfson is committed to providing the best education for our students, in the growing fields of animation and game design,” said Mauricio Ferrazza, chairperson of MAGIC, in the release. “Taking steps to enable our guests to feel welcome in the in our new facility is important to us. Intermedia Touch has gone above expectation, to help us achieve our goal of creating an informational and engaging environment for current and future students alike.”

Effortlessly guide your students and visitors to their desired destination.  Custom kiosks in addition to downloadable applications integrate wayfinding and mapping systems with mobile functionality to clarify location and facilitate efficient route planning.  Provide wayfinding, while offering an alternative, additional platform for campus news distribution.

Enhance the university experience using self-service kiosks:

  • It is an easy way to quickly deliver information to students, staff, faculty, and visitors
  • You can utilise their student IDs to sign up for classes and activities, purchase books
  • Also advertise next week’s cafeteria menu.


Basically, the university can benefit through increased efficiency and the reduction of man-hours needed to operate ticket offices and visitor reception areas.

Paper menus and handwritten chalkboards promoting the special-of-the-day are no longer required. Dining options and special promotions can now be displayed on interactive touch screens. Menus are now a multi-media experience. Simply clicking a menu item opens up photos and videos of the entire menu. Increase on-campus dining by engaging visitors at the point of entrance.

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