The 2015 Employee Engagement Report is here

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Over 2 months ago, we conducted a nationwide survey where we received over 1000 entries. There were four winners who each won 32” Samsung screens and we had the pleasure of delivering the screens to the respective winners at their places of work.

At the heart of the employee engagement survey is the growing trend, nationally and internationally, of the communication disconnect between top-level management and general staff. An overwhelming amount of top level management believe that their communication efforts result in a happy and effective workforce. The results from a general employee insists that information from top level management is not enough to keep employees engaged.

This year marked the second employee engagement report conducted by PDT which meant were we able to make comparisons between last year and this year.

Communication was not the only factor that stood out in the results, inspiring leadership also took top stance where again, top-level management thought differently than the general employee.

Without divulging too much information, it is alarming to see the differences in mind-sets between the two levels of employment.

While we do enjoy sending out the survey and receiving feedback, the results are a cause for concern as the South African workforce is slowly becoming more and more disengaged at work and business owners are in a difficult position: work on the consequences of having a workforce that is decreasing your productivity or work on ways of keeping them engaged and really working on improving all factors of employee engagement.

With all that being said, here it is: the 2015 Employee Engagement Report

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