The Retail Digital Signage Experience

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When a customer enters a store, the goal that any retailer wants is for them to purchase as many products in that store. Retailers often use bright colours and interesting music to attract and retain the attention of any customer. The whole customer experience has evolved into the digital space where more and more modern technology is being utilised to engage customers. Many customers choose certain stores for its convenience, but what happens if customer choose stores according to their overall experience in a store?

retail digital signage 1Globally the digital signage market is on an upward trend as the importance of customer experience has become a top priority in the retail industry. Looking at where retail signage has come from, conventional advertising methods which include print media are facing challenges being compared to the versatility of the digital counterparts. “In the worldwide digital signage market, as its development has undergone a variety of different stages and has been one of the biggest influential media for displaying information. Digital signage is any kind of electronic display for the cause of advertising, menu, information, broadcasting television etc. It consist technologies such as LCD displays, CM plasma displays projection of images to display content and LED.” (

Many of the hardware and software components used in digital signage allow for the remote monitoring and updating of content which means that multiple locations can be updated from a single point. Not only does that reduce transporting costs but the environment benefits from the less paper being used for static prints.

In the short amount of time it takes a customer to buy bread from the local retailer, digital signage advertisements can remind the customer of other goods they may need or any specials that may be offered. And with remote scheduling, you can schedule advertisements and reminders to play at certain times.

Along with the above advantages, the possibilities are endless and rely on your imagination. With the world always looking for new, faster and cost effective ways to conduct business, one would not want to fall behind or be left out.

Retail Digital Signage is here today and is here to stay. Wouldn’t you want to maximise customer experience by stepping into the 21st Century? To learn more about retail digital signage, don’t hesitate to contact PDT on 0861 123 738 or on

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