Why Digital Signage should be at the TOP of your Christmas List

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With the Holiday season right around the corner, we predict a 3.7 percent increase in December sales, which is more than 1 percent over the average.

Leading sectors for the enormous shopping season are expected to include jewelry, clothing, building and gardening, electronics, appliances, food and beverage, home furnishings, books and music, and hobbies. While online sales account for a growing number of seasonal shoppers, local stores and restaurants are still full during holiday months which means having a great retail digital signage solution is key to maximizing on 2015’s eager shoppers.

Digital displays — especially videos — catch their attention

Décor, food, music and festival events fill retail, downtown and other local areas beginning in early fall. With the smells, sounds and sights of the season barraging consumer senses, shoppers might miss out on relevant retail or restaurant displays.

Digital signs reduce stress at checkout

When crowds hit stores and malls, checkout lines are unavoidable. Retailers can reduce the stress of the experience by using digital signage to inform and entertain consumers while they wait. Digital signs are great for instructing crowds that change in size throughout the day and season.

Begin holiday marketing in style

Digital signage, which can incorporate numerous content and advertising types, lets retailers introduce holiday marketing throughout the year without taking up valuable aisle real estate or putting off some shoppers.

Turn holiday customers into year-round customers

Retailers can use digital signage to let shoppers know about deals in other seasons or to promote loyalty and rewards programs. A large percentage of holiday shoppers are interested in deals, so retailers who offer coupons or savings with rewards programs can sign up new consumers during holiday events. The right time to convert consumers is when they’re in a store, which means proven digital displays are critical through the holiday shopping season and the return season that follows.

PDT’s Range of Simple, yet effective Digital Signage Solutions ensure that you have the best possible solution for your needs.

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