How display holograms can give fashion retailers the edge in 2019

Bricks and mortar retailers all face a significant business challenges, such as:

finding new and interesting ways to entice consumers in-store instead of “online only” and gaining greater share of the foot-traffic that’s already in a mall, shopping center or retail space.

In many ways the “physical” store environment mirrors the digital world.

Imagine a mall as the internet where there are many options available within a click (or in close proximity digitally speaking).

There are several factors which influence where “the traffic” goes.

In digital the flow of traffic is by and large influenced by the type of content users are presented with. And this is where retailers in the physical space may be missing a trick or two.

From Star Wars to Retail stores – the rise of Hologram Display technology

  • For most of us our first introduction to Hologram technology was the distorted images featuring Princess Leia in Star Wars. The puzzling thing (certainly to this writer) was always why such an advanced society would have holograms of such poor picture quality.
  • That’s all changed today – with brilliantly vivid 4K resolution video display made possible by companies such as HYPERVSN (represented in South Africa by local display marketing technology company, PDT).

The point of 3D holographic technology is to delight and surprise potential customers – to do what nobody else is doing and present the type of unique content that delivers a knockout punch to competitors.

10 X or nothing

In the digital space content creators often refer to “10x” as the benchmark to strive for. It is that level of production that others simply cannot live with . . . or do not have the energy to pursue.

It is that level of content that makes all the difference – which is why big brands such as Louis Vuitton, Polo, Moët Hennessy and several fashion show organisers from New York to Beijing are making use of the technology (in various guises) to leave an indelible mark on their target audiences.

Make marketing great again

“In South Africa, the up-take of HYPERVSN’s 3D Hologram technology has been slow out the blocks but, of late, we are seeing an acceleration of interest from (especially) large fashion retailers,” says PDTs Mariska van Lingen. “The applications and display possibilities/sizes are significant but, really, whatever you do you are sure to attract a lot of attention.”

In a world where retailers are having to work harder for a greater share of voice, 3D Hologram displays are able to deliver the “wow” factor that captures eyeballs and (hopefully) customers.
It’s the “Jedi” in your marketing armoury and certainly worth exploring as we head into the business end of 2019.

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