As Medscheme provides sustainable healthcare solutions to approximately 20 medical aids and touches more than 3.2 million lives, it is vital branch visits are a positive experience.

With their strong emphasis on stakeholders’ needs, Medscheme recognised the need to introduce a queue management system into their busy Pretoria, Roodepoort and Durban branches.

The previous manual queue process used onsite hosts and visitor registration books to manage queues. This had not yielded the desired results.


Together with PDTSA, Medscheme implemented an intelligent, screen-based queue management system that reorganised the queueing process and streamlined service.

PDT provided nFinity software and hardware in the form of ticketing kiosks, display screens and media players. Medscheme manages the network - a central server at Medscheme’s head office provides the branches with a VPN local area network.


On arrival, clients visit the touch screen kiosk and press a couple of keys. The ticket kiosk issues the ticket, sends the information to the screens. The client can estimate the time until they see a consultant and view rolling marketing material. When a consultant becomes available, the screens located on the walls

above the consultants announce and display the next client’s number.

Media players installed at the back of the screens run nFinity software and send business intelligence data to managers’ laptops for anywhere/anytime reporting and management.


Medscheme has seen an impressive 100% increase in visitor throughput since implementing PDTSA’s queue management system.

Now they deal with visitor issues more proactively – queues can be split to visit certain consultants with expert knowledge of specific medical schemes. Should a client have a particularly pressing problem, this is noted and the client sent to a skilled consultant. This has resulted in fewer escalations and reduced return visits. The possibility of onsite conflict in queues is reduced.

Feedback from members, consultants and team leaders is exceptionally positive. Client service is prompt, harmonious and effective. The business intelligence reports on advisor

performance and queue throughput has proved invaluable to management. System training for staff is simple and conducted onsite.

Engaged Queue Management Means

  • Improves visitor flow and ensures the client see the right consultant
  • Manages queues efficiently by reducing response times
  • Enhances customer service because information is readily available
  • Prioritises sensitive customer issues
  • Increases staff productivity
  • Offers management business intelligence reports

“It’s vital Medscheme continues to provide the great service our clients know and trust. PDTSA’s queue management system delivers on our relentless drive for operational efficiency. We look forward to the endless positives identified in this queue management system being rolled out to more Medscheme branches”.

Medcheme Manager, Head Office

“The new Medscheme queue management system is so user-friendly because now we can see exactly where we are in the queue. It is far more organised.”

Medical Aid Member

“As a broker, I am extremely impressed with the new queue management system. It is straight-forward and easy to understand.”