The attached value added proposition is subject to the following conditions:

1.    No order shall be binding on Public Display Technologies (Pty) Ltd (hereinafter referred to as THE SUPPLIER) until confirmed in writing by THE CUSTOMER by signing the quote and / or an official Purchase order.

2.    This proposal is based on today’s rates of freight, insurance, duty, landing, railage and delivery charges and any variation therein will be for the account of THE CUSTOMER.

3.    This proposal is valid for a period of 7 days from date of quote.

4.    No warranty shall be binding on THE SUPPLIER unless contained in the written documents reflecting the sale and/or rental.  In lieu of warranties or representations, expressed or implied by the law.

5.    Rental equipment must be covered by the insurance of THE CUSTOMER as from date of delivery.

6.    All rental prices include equipment, software, labour installation costs, cabling and sundries.  Any civil works if required is excluded from the rental price.

7.    Any oral or written statement not contained in the written document/s reflecting the sale and/or rental whether made by THE SUPPLIER or an employee or an agent of THE SUPPLIER shall have no legal effect and is not to be regarded as a representation.

8.    These conditions shall at all times be binding notwithstanding the conditions or stipulations contained in THE CUSTOMER’s enquiry, tender forms or else where that may be in conflict herewith.

9.    Should THE CUSTOMER in placing an order or in accepting THE SUPPLIER’s offer, purport to attach any conditions thereto which vary, amend or are in conflict with these conditions, then notwithstanding anything in or on THE CUSTOMER ’s order or acceptance, these conditions shall solely prevail.  These conditions shall only be varied in writing by THE SUPPLIER.

10.    In the event of THE CUSTOMER insisting upon the delivery and installation of the goods before approval of finance or the rental agreement, THE CUSTOMER agrees that should said finance or rental agreement be rejected THE CUSTOMER will become duly and severally liable for the cost of the goods and installation cost.  THE CUSTOMER therefore accepts full responsibility for obtaining the necessary finance to pay for the goods, and will make every effort to ensure that said finance or rental agreement acceptance would be attained promptly.

11.    Should THE CUSTOMER wish to cancel this order for whatever reason it is agreed that a cancellation fee of 20 % of the list price of the goods, or in the case of a rental the aggregate of the first year’s rentals, to be paid to THE SUPPLIER within seven days.  If however, the goods have already been delivered and installed THE CUSTOMER agrees to waiver all rights to cancellation and pay all amounts outstanding as per quotation.

12.    Any date specified as a delivery date shall be regarded as an approximate date and the failure to deliver goods on the said date shall not render THE SUPPLIER liable for damages nor entitle THE CUSTOMER to cancel any contract arising there from.

13.    CashTerms
50 % deposit is required by THE SUPPLIER on acceptance of the quote, equipment will only be ordered once the deposit is paid.
Thereafter an amount equivalent to 40 % of the total invoice value must be paid to THE SUPPLIER upon power up of the system regardless of any delay preventing installation.
The final 10 % is to be paid upon completion of integration and training.
If for whatever reason the payment is rejected or stopped, THE SUPPLIER will take this as a cancellation of the contract by THE CUSTOMER and shall be entitled to collect all of the goods, pertaining to this order and keep the deposit and any other amounts paid in view of any costs or damages incurred by THE SUPPLIER.
The equipment remains the property of THE SUPPLIER until all amounts have been paid in full.

14.    30 Day Account
All clients will be considered Cash Customers until such time that the credit application was approved.  Only 30 day accounts will be considered for approval.   If THE CUSTOMER has a 30 day account and the accepted quote exceeds the credit limit, the order will only be processed once the amount exceeding the credit limit is paid in advance.

15.    Rental or Finance Terms
On approval of the rental agreement or other finance THE CUSTOMER agrees to sign the goods received note (GRN), as proof of delivery of the goods to THE CUSTOMER s premises.
PLEASE NOTE:  Installation will only commence on completion of the above, and a notification from the finance company to commence the installation process.

16.    Interest
Interest of 2% per month will be charged on all amounts outstanding longer than the agreed upon payment terms.

17.    All system designs proposed by THE SUPPLIER shall be subject to a fee of seven percent (7%) in the event that an alternative provider is contracted to implement the design.

18.    Maintenance Charges and Supplies - Payment strictly 30 days from invoice date.

19.    Payment Method - only electronic bank transfer with proof of payment will be accepted by THE SUPPLIER.