Public Display Technologies (PDT) is a South African technology and communications company, focused on the delivery of turnkey solutions to the Corporate, Retail, Industrial and Mining industries.



  • 15 years in operation
  • 2500+ installations in eight African countries
  • 6000 screens under SLA
  • BEE Compliant
  • Multi-national listed customers, average 10 year relationship
  • Professional Project Management
  • Health & Safety focused
  • Average SLA performance at 98%

Through its various technology platforms, the company offers innovative products that enable businesses and enterprises to dramatically improve client and staff engagement via deployment of practical, sustainable and proven communications methodologies.

On the forefront of the digital revolution, PDT’s range of solutions allows for effective delivery of key messages to the right audience, at the right time.

With a market-leading average of over 98% Network Uptime across a wide variety of sites for various South African retailers,
PDT has perfected setting up and maintaining digital media solution networks. We effectively manage any scale, anywhere in the world.

History Snapshot

Founded in 2003, PDT initially focused on digital display technologies and their application in the vertical sectors of Corporate, Retail, Mining and Industrial sectors.

PDT has gradually grown into a full-service communications company, specialising in a variety of technologies. The South African born company is experienced in interactive kiosks, point of sale devices and outdoor LED displays. This combines with the full suite of software and digital display products that create and operate communications networks.

PDT's head office is located in Randburg, Johannesburg. With national operations, PDT is also present in the Southern and Central regions of Africa.



To be the leaders in the distribution and management of information technology, while exceeding the expectations of customers, staff and investors.



We excel in turning information technology into effective and innovative solutions by partnering with leading technology brands, employing qualified and skilled people, and professionally delivering practical solutions, cost-effectively to our customers.


PDT Invests in Long-term Relationships.

Our values guide our operations.



We will alway be honest in our business relationships, both within and outside the company; we will never compromise the truth.


We will never take unfair advantage of anyone or act in an unfair way; we recognise and understand the views and feelings of others.


We will always be reliable; we will perform what is asked of us; we will be consistent and thorough at all times.


We will never compromise our values; we will always strive to maintain the highest standards we set ourselves.


We will always be accountable for our actions; we will be accountable to ourselves and those we deal with in our business.


We will never compromise our values; we will always strive to maintain the highest standards we set ourselves.


We will always be worthy of trust; we wil never betray an agreement; we wil honour our commitments; our word will be our pledge.