Digital Signage: More an essential today

Covid-19 swept across our planet
and completely changed the way we
interact with the world.

Public gatherings are forbidden, handshakes have become elbow taps and social distancing is the new norm. While life needs to go on, it’s going on in a vastly different way.

Even if Covid-19 was completely eradicated tomorrow, we all remain changed. We are relying more and more on the delivery of information with contact-less interaction, but we tend to overlook existing technologies that, when used together, have already jump-started an essential we need today.

A New Power Player:
Digital Signage

Misinformation spreads fast. Using existing and new digital signage networks to create a truth telling narrative and send the correct information to trusted sites is a quick and efficient manner to combat misinformation. As of 1 May 2020, South Africa went into a lower level of lockdown, allowing more people to return to the workplace. With an already heightened sense of fear, a great digital signage network can ease those fears and equip people with current information.

Wayfinding has always been a great benefit of digital signage networks, but today it is needed more, as we want to spend as little time as possible in public areas where exposure to others is more common. When you walk into a mall or supermarket, you want to find what you need without wasting time walking aisle by aisle.

“A display can feature a map of the store’s layout, with labels to show users where they are and where each department is located.”

- Digital Signage Today

We risk potentially scaring audiences with facts and statistics and to mitigate that we can leave that audience with the power by relaying guidelines and tips. The same digital signage network that delivers accurate information, can also put people at ease by letting them know what they can do in their capacity.

Reaching a lot more than you think

In industries like manufacturing and mining, staff often go hours without access to their mobile devices or could be in areas without signal. A combination of information, tips, statistics and any breaking news can ensure that your staff stays informed to better their production and keep them engaged.

Lastly, positivity is important. As much as we want to be equipped with as much knowledge as possible, good, or bad, celebrating achievements and progress is a great morale booster. Give thanks and inspiration on screens to continuously show appreciation and motivate your staff and viewers.

Without needing to constantly upgrade the content on your screens, PDT can remotely upload the content, control the power on your screens, creating an easy to deploy digital signage network that is less of a headache to you.