Don’t just play, deliver a ‘royal flush’ through data visualisation.

The human brain processes visual information more easily than written information . . . a picture telling a thousand words and so on, agreed?

Now take that same philosophy and apply it to the way we display data for whatever purpose. It could be an exhibition, a presentation, internal company communication . . . literally any number of reasons and applications you would want to not just “make an impact” or a gain a “passing nod of acknowledgement” but create a true “hit it out of the park” experience that engages the audiences in a new and exciting way.


This, of course, helps your message stick, amplifying your voice to rise above everyone else.

In a world of super-saturation across just about every form of media, finding a unique and inventive way of visualising your data is not the “ace up your sleeve” – it’s the Royal Flush.

Say hello to HYPERVSN 3D Holographic Display Technology

There are a lot of YouTube videos at your disposal

to gain a glimpse of the product in action – below we will highlight just three examples of what you can expect from this eyeball-winning technology.

Technically speaking:

HYPERVSN’s integrated system creates, displays and manages 3D visuals which
resemble holograms floating in mid-air. It’s breakthrough holographic hardware meeting scalable
Pro Management Software to produce truly awe-inspiring 3D visuals.
And, of course, the net-result is a stunning display of product, messaging, data –
whatever you require.

Benefits of Data visualisation

Benefits are numerous as per this article in but, really, there are a near infinite amount of resources supporting the importance of displaying your data in unique and surprising ways, such as:


Clear forms of communication allows people to act upon information more rapidly.


By visually highlighting key bits of information, the viewer can quickly understand the impact / importance of a certain data set


Interactive data visualisations encourage users to explore and even manipulate the data to uncover other factors.

The use of HYPERVSN 3D Holographic Display technology in the corporate or exhibition environment is certainly one area that is habitually overlooked.

PDT and our partners can help you make better connections.

PDT has long been on the forefront of South African display technologies, from digital signage networks and electronic billboards to self-help kiosks, interactive displays and (now also) holographic displays via our partnership with HYPERVSN.

We invite you to get in touch to discuss new and exciting ways you can enhance your next event or presentation.

It’s easier than you think and certainly more affordable too.

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