The future of in-store shopping is immersive and aspirational.

. . .  As stores and malls re-open, coupled with the steady vaccine rollout and shopping withdrawals, many consumers are eager to get back to in-person shopping.

Pandemic-influenced trends are encouraging retailers to reimagine the in-person shopping experience and ask what the future of shopping will look like as COVID-19 cases subside. Now is the time for forward-thinking retailers and brands to seize this opportunity to connect with customers in new ways and focus on three areas for growth.

1.    Deliver an immersive and engaging in-store experience.

An increase in digital interactions leveraging virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) have shaped consumers’ experiences with their favorite retail brands during the pandemic.

So as doors re-open, customers will look to advances in technology to help elevate in-store experiences. Traditionally, customers with in-store questions or needs relied on human interaction and customer service options. .  . read more <<


One such technology – as exhibited at CES and Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2018 in Cape Town is the HYPERVSN 3D holographic system (incorporating CMS, content and a 3D display).


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