FALKE’s main driver for success at two major Expos was a new look with fresh vibrancy. They wanted to increase their exhibition stand’s size, believing the bigger stand would create an greater impact and be a consumer drawcard.

PDT showcased two of their hologram units on the FALKE stand at the Cape Town Cycle Tour and the Old Mutual Two Oceans Expos. A hologram is a three-dimensional image formed by interference of light beams from a laser source. These units did

an incredible job of clearly differentiating Falke from other exhibitors. The Kino Mo hologram units attracted much attention and were a huge hit with both Expo visitors and FALKE’s fellow exhibitors.

FALKE’s long-term objective was to purchase these two units once they became generally available in South Africa.

PDT placed their advertising decals on the units and Falke promoted these units to consumers visiting their exhibition stand.

FALKE saw an incredible increase in thenumber  of visitors to their stand. There was a 175% increase on last year’s numbers at the Cape Town Cycle Tour, and a 44% increase on numbers for the Old Mutual Two Oceans Expo.

FALKE has only praise for PDT’s support team - they provided exceptional planning and onsite support. Their response and turnaround times exceeded all expectations.

“They are a world-class team. We thoroughly enjoyed working with them and are looking forward to collaborating on the next Expo.”
FALKE Group Marketing Executive


“Installing a hologram unit for Falke was a hugely exciting experience for PDT. We are thrilled to hear our solution made a significant impact on FALKE’s success at the Expo. Making technology work for our clients is what we do best.”
John Paul Higgins, PDT solution implementer