Second phase of Workplace Covid-19 readiness rolling out

Since the beginning of level 4 lockdown,
PDT has been rolling out, to existing and
new clients, a Covid-19 readiness program
to assist with the post lockdown transition.

Phase 1 kicked off with the integration of chatbots and digital signage to include getting information via WhatsApp, the formulation of customised chatbot features to the client’s specifications and a network-based roll out of up to date statistics and guidelines in the form of engaging content.

After a successful roll out, we have initiated the next phase which includes a quick and cost effective Covid-19 screening process which gives management an updated record of the staff and visitors to your premises.

With such a process, you will be able to - in real time – receive information on everyone who enters allowing you to informatively deny or grant access. The best part is that it is paperless and entrants use their smartphones to access the questionnaire. The onboarding process is as follows:

  1. 1. Formulation of a unique QR code that will be placed in easy-to-scan areas.
  2. 2. Scan of the QR code with a smart phone
  3. 3. Completion of the questionnaire
  4. 4. Download/import of the results, immediately

What kind of screening can the questionnaire include?

A. Temperature checks:
AI is used to determine the
risk and produce a result

Sec 3 l;eft

B. Assist with the NICD  Covid-19 Questionnaire before access onsite


All that information can easily be tabulated and sent via different platforms.


Implementing a paperless, electronic register can be done immediately by our team. In the unfortunate event that a Covid-19 case is diagnosed, our data can help find all people who had access that day for formal testing. All it takes is a phone call to get the process going.

Disclaimer: While this is an effective manner of Covid-19 screening, we still suggest that everyone maintains national guidelines like social distancing, wearing of face masks etc.